The goal of this blog site is to further the development and success of professional service firms (PSF’s) and their people.

The story behind the site

Some years back, I was very lucky to have the opportunity of leading the Consulting business at the firm I worked for at the time. It was early in my career and whilst a great opportunity, it was also a daunting prospect! I realised that I had a lot to learn (my mistakes along the way were a clear indication) and so hatched a plan to study leading professional service and consulting firms and to find out what made them great. This led me to many fascinating insights and amazing leaders – some of whom contribute to this site. Over a period of time I gathered these insights together and started to order them into buckets to simplify the content (the menu structure of this site follows those 5 buckets namely, – strategy, people, capability, clients and operations) and create what became a playbook for performance improvement in PSF’s.

The 5 PSF Buckets

In the resulting years, I was fortunate enough to be promoted into a number of global roles leading strategy and organisational development. Throughout this period I continued to apply the principles from the playbook as well as add to it….a work that is never finished it seems.

My original intention was to produce a ‘personal blog’ picking up key aspects of playbook content (based simply on a view that other people, either leading or helping to grow PSF’s, might gain some value from it) but on reflection this would not be the best route to achieving the stated goal above. I do not claim to have all the answers and wish to deliver maximum value to those who use the site.

This led me to the conclusion that the site must host the best thinking from a range of sources and in turn create the leading site for professional service firm thinking. In addition, having worked in and with a number of professional service firms over the years from very small through to global corporates, it struck me how similar the firms are. Yes, they offer different things to the market whether it is architecture or law, but there are many similarities and lessons that can be shared across the industries.

In truth, there is also an element of ‘scratching my own itch’ by building this site. I am keen to learn  about organisational and human performance and am excited by what I might learn from the best people out there.

I genuinely hope that theprofessionalfirm.com proves useful for those leading and learning to lead professional service firms.

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