STUDYing evolution

As our clients’ needs change over time and we seek competitive advantage in delivering against those needs, there is a relentless requirement to manage the evolution of our organisations. This is no easy task and […]

Personal Development & Productivity

My journaling journey so far…

I was first introduced to keeping a journal by the work of the late Jim Rohn. Jim advocated keeping a journal as the following quote suggests: If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, […]


The Growth Mindset Firm

Having spent the past year studying the concept of ‘mindset’ (…and if I am honest it becoming somewhat of an obsession) I wanted to write a very brief blog on the concept of a ‘growth […]


The Set of the Sail

The late Jim Rohn is someone I would loved to have met… Jim was once known as America’s greatest business philosopher and his principles are timeless. Through the wonder of YouTube, I have learnt a […]

Personal Development & Productivity

Thinking about how we give back

A few months back I presented to a group of companies on the topic of personal development and productivity*. Following a brief presentation, the room engaged in an amazing debate about personal development, our personal […]

Personal Development & Productivity

Tackling your fears

I am a big fan of the work of Tim Ferriss and recently listened to his excellent TED Talk on ‘Fear Setting’. The following text provides a very simple summary of his Fear Setting process. […]